If you want to see which achievements you have, run mm stats in your console

A Worthy Heir

Win a game.

My Favorite Customer

Spend $1,000 at the Green Grocer in one game.

Seedy Business

Harvest and sell a crop that another farmer planted.


Sell at least one crop of each type besides peanuts and golden corn in a single game.

Not Worth the Dirt He Sows

Finish a game with less money than you started with.

Dust Bowl

Have 10 of your crops destroyed by the fertility zone passing over them.

Grapes of Mild Displeasure

Steal and sell 5 of your opponent's grape crops.


Place a scarecrow within the effect radius of the other farmer's scarecrow.

Stalks and Bonds

Sell a golden corn.

It Ain't Much But It's Honest Work

Win a game without ever harvesting a crop that your opponent planted.

Botanical Burglary

Win a game without ever planting a crop.

Fruits of our Labor

Win a game only planting, harvesting, and selling fruit crops.

Richer Than Phineas Himself

Have $2,500 or more in your account at the end of the game.